Secure guaranteed revenue with
Fortune 500 brands

  1. Sell into the Future

    Sell into the Future

    With Nectar’s Mobile Futures market, take control of your sales and secure guaranteed revenue by offering guaranteed inventory to top tier brands in exchange for guaranteed dollars.

  2. Competitive Selling Options

    Competitive Selling Options

    • Reverse Auctions +

      Hand-pick the advertisers that bid on your inventory based on the campaign and your pricing requirements.

    • Mobile Futures +

      Capture guaranteed revenue by allowing top-tier agencies and trading desks to secure your inventory in bulk upfront deals and reduce the need to expose inventory to the real-time exchanges.

    • Fixed Rates

      Set standard rates for advertisers so that buys can be quickly and easily secured.

    • Pre-negotiated Rates

      Already have pre-negotiated rates with specific advertisers? Nectar's integration into all major agency holding companies allows us to manage these for you.

    • + Only available through Nectar

  3. Global Exposure

    Global Exposure

    Chosen by Mediaocean as the default mobile buying option inside its Prisma digital media management platform, Nectar is exposed to thousands of media buyers in top-tier agencies.

  4. Automation + Efficiency

    Automation + Efficiency

    Automate the sale of your inventory to premium brands. Say goodbye to the usual drawn-out RFP process with laborious back-and-forth negotiations.

    Nectar integrates directly into publishers ad servers and can be live in a matter of hours. No supply side platforms, exchanges or SDK’s.

  5. Brand Safety

    Brand Safety

    Gain full visibility on where advertisers demand is being generated. Control the price of your inventory and what you would like to participate in. Your inventory, your rates, your rules.

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