Discover, plan and buy premium mobile inventory into the future

  1. Future Friendly

    Future Friendly

    Eliminate the risk of under delivery and pricing disparities found in real-time buying platforms. Secure mobile inventory for future campaigns through our auction-based platform across 1,500+ publishers.

  2. Brand Protection

    Brand Protection

    Gain direct access to the largest catalog of premium mobile publishers in both mobile web and app. Inside of Nectar, both rates and impressions are guaranteed due to our direct integration into the publishers' ad servers and our priority status.

    Nectar is compatible with the leading verification providers of viewability, brand safety, and anti-fraud: MOAT; Intergral AdScience; Pixalate; and Sizmek, among others.

  3. Multiple Buying Options

    Multiple Buying Options

    • Mobile Futures +

      Save time and money by securing large swaths of inventory in the future from multiple publishers and formats.

    • Reverse Auctions +

      Don’t like paying rate card for inventory? Invite publishers to compete for your campaigns by exposing your demand in Nectar’s patented reverse auction.

    • Quick Buys

      Immediately secure inventory based on pre-negotiated rates with publishers.

    • Up-front Deal Support

      Nectar can manage your individual up-front deals with publishers by allowing your sales team and agency partners to quickly transact inside of the platform, eliminating the need for manual keying and paper IO’s.

    • + Only available through Nectar

  4. Full Control

    Full Control

    Nectar’s proprietary algorithm pre-optimizes the ideal blend of publishers. For ultimate control and transparency you can prioritize publishers based on qualities like performance, cost, app store rating, reach, frequency and audience fit before your campaign goes live.

  5. Simplified + Streamlined Workflow

    Simplified + Streamlined Workflow

    Nectar’s workflow facilitates seamless collaboration between advertisers and publishers, reducing your 40-step RFP process to 4.

  6. Real-time Inventory Availability

    Real-time Inventory Availability

    Nectar is integrated directly into publishers' ad servers, bypassing supply side platforms (SSP’s) to easily and accurately determine available inventory.

  7. Smart Features

    Smart Features

    Inventory is dynamically filtered in Nectar based on campaign settings and objectives. Factors can include publisher details such as reach, historical CTR, demographics, ad placement, accepted ad formats, app store rating and much more.

    Campaign data is collected and analyzed at the most granular level allowing you to make informed optimization decisions in real time.

    Each campaign executed through Nectar produces one invoice regardless of how many publishers are involved. This eliminates the need to track, reconcile and pay multiple publishers separately.

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